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Plantronics Polaris Headsets

The Polaris headsets were specially designed for
certain telephone systems, such as the Nortel Meridian
and Norstar systems. As they don't require an adapter,
they cost less while including the same great quality.

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Mirage headset

The Mirage is one of the most comfortable on-the-ear style headsets. Convenient Quick-Disconnect feature lets you walk away while still wearing your headset.

P41-U10P $94.50  add to cart

TriStar headset

The TriStar headset has an advanced three-point design that provides support behind, on top of, and in the ear.

Four user-selectable ear bud sizes for a perfect fit.
P81-U10P $109.00  add to cart

Noise-cancelling mic available
P81N-U10P $129.00 add to cart

Each headset includes a quick-disconnect feature, 10 foot coiled cord and modular plug.

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DuoSet headset

The DuoSet headset is convertible:
over-the-head stability or over-the-ear convenience. Excellent choice for first-time headset users.
P141-U10P $89.00  add to cart

Supra headset

The Supra headset is the most popular headset in the world. Lightweight with fully adjustable headband.
P51-U10P $89.00    add to cart

Noise-cancelling mic available:
P51N-U10P $104.00 add to cart

Stereo Sound :
P61-U10P  $105.00   add to cart

Noise-cancelling mic available:
P61N-U10P  $125.00 add to cart

Encore headset

The Encore headset is a top-of-the-line model that offers all day comfort and superior sound quality.

Allows you to select bass and treble settings for a fuller, richer tone.
P91-U10P $109.00  add to cart

Noise-cancelling mic:
P91N-U10P $129.00 add to cart

Stereo Sound :
P101-U10P  $119.00  add to cart

Noise-cancelling mic:
P101N-U10P  $139.00 add to cart

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