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Why Wear A Headset?

First of all, a headset frees your hands so you can work while you talk.

With a headset, it's easy and convenient to type, take notes or look for files while on the phone.

Free your hands!
Save your neck!

It's more ergonomic, too

No more neck pain from cradling the handset between your head and shoulder.

Sound Quality : A headset beats a speakerphone not only for sound quality (because it eliminates distracting background noise), but because it lets you keep your conversations private, as well.

Why buy a headset?

  • Productivity

Headsets allow you to be more productive while you're on the telephone. A study concluded that adding hands-free headsets to office telephones improves productivity up to 43%.*

  • Comfort

In demanding work environments, it's a scientific fact that headsets reduce neck, upper back, and shoulder tension by as much as 41%.**

  • Mobility

With a cordless headset you are free to move about your work area and do other things while simultaneously talking on the phone.

  • Safety

You can keep both hands on the steering wheel with a mobile headset.

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