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Panasonic is one of the most popular small telephone systems around.
Packed with features, it is a perfect fit
for your small office/home office.

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The KX-T 7030 and 7130 can be used to program the system features

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7000 series phones
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Panasonic Telephone System

KX-TA624 Advanced Hybrid System is an analog modular system with an initial configuration of 3 CO lines and 8 station ports.

It is easily expandable up to 6 COs and 24 station ports with the addition of expansion cards. The system uses the KX-T 7000 series phones and offers Caller ID compatibility as well as voice mail integration.

KX-TA624 Telephone System  $499.00
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Panasonic 7050 Telephone

KX-T 7050 Proprietary phone with monitor speaker for paging and on-hook dialing, call transfer, 3-way conferencing key, 4 one-touch dial keys, 12 programmable line buttons, hold, one-touch redial, insertable pause, timed flash memory.

KX-T7050  $109.00 
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Pansonic 7020 Telephone

KX-T7020 Proprietary phone with built-in speakerphone, hands-free answerback on intercom, mute button for privacy, save redial, do not disturb, call forwarding, auto-answer.

KX-T 7020  $120.00 
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Pansonic 7030 Telephone

KX-T7030 Includes the same features as the KX-T7020 above, plus a 16 character LCD readout for system feature programming, dialing number, day, time and call duration. LCD can also be used for Caller ID, when the Caller ID card has been installed on the system.

KX-T 7030  $155.00 
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Pansonic 7130 Telephone

KX-T7130 Same features as the KX-T7030 plus a 16-digit LARGE-character LCD readout, off-hook call announce, 24 programmable function keys.

KX-T 7130  $179.00 
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Pansonic 7885 Telephone

KX-T7885 12 CO Lines, 2 Line 16 char. LCD display, headset jack, message waiting, Caller ID, programmable ringing or vibrator, 30 channel auto scanning, seperate charging unit, long life, fast charging Nickel-Metal Hydride battery included.

KX-T 7885  $349.00 
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