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Panasonic Parts and Accessories

8-extension Hybrid Circuit Card
Adds 8 station ports.
KX-TA62470 $239.00 add to cart
3-line, 8-extension Hybrid
Circuit Card
KX-TA62477 $295.00 add to cart
Caller ID Card
For 3-line coverage.
(6-line coverage requires 2 cards)
KX-TA62493 $129.00 add to cart

Voice Mail System
2 ports, 2 hour memory, 32 mailboxes
KX-TVS50 $519.00 add to cart
Installation Manual
For Voice Mail system
KX-TVS50IM $55.00 add to cart
Expansion Card
Adds 2 hours of memory
to the KX-TVS50
KX-TVS52 $180.00 add to cart


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