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January, 2002


  1. Editors note
  2. Virus alert
  3. Driving cell phone thieves mad
  4. Enhanced wireless headset
  5. Joke of the day

Editors Note

Better late than never, right? There has been so much going on here at Phonex that it's been a trying time to put the newsletter together.

I have been working on a major redesign of our website to make it cleaner, easier to navigate and some new information to boot. There have been a lot of helpful tips I've picked up along the way, and hope to incorporate them soon.

However, helping clients comes first, and I don't want anyone to have to wait for anything, so I'll just keep at it when time allows.

Virus alert

This is a warning about a new virus called "Myparty", which is now beginning to spread widely. It arrives in an email, probably from someone you know, with the subject "new photos from my party", and message text:

   My party... It was absolutely amazing!  
   I have attached my web page with new photos!  
   If you can please make color prints of my photos.

There is an attachment with a fake web address "", which is actually the virus. Double clicking on the file activates the virus.

Driving cell phone thieves mad

Police in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, sick and tired of cell phone thefts, have launched a new weapon against the culprits.

As soon as thefts are reported, stolen phones are sent a Short Message System text message every three minutes noting "This device is stolen. Purchase or sale is an offense," and signing the note "the police."

A police spokesman admitted "the idea is to drive the thieves mad" and make the phones virtually unusable.

Enhanced wireless headset

Along with lower prices, GN Netcom announced updated features of the Ellipse wireless headset system that allow for better durabilty and functionality as well.

The remote beltpack now rings when your phone is ringing so that, if you don't happen to be wearing the headset, you'll still know that you have an incoming call.

The Handset Lifter button on the remote is now the Headset/Handset switch. A user would have to return to the base unit to press the button in the past, now the feature is at your fingertips.

Redesigned base charger allows for discharging the battery, increasing battery life.

And one of the better updates, a blinking led on the battery charge indicator so that you can easily tell that you have a fully charged battery (12 hours talk time).

You can see more on the GN Ellipse by clicking here.

Joke of the day

- 2 Funny Guys -

John: "I'm a man of few words."

Bill: "I'm married, too."

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