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GN Ellipse Headset

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Ellipse Base Ellipse

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The Ellipse is the first wireless headset system to take advantage of the 2.4 GHz radio band.

As the newly-allocated frequency, 2.4 GHz is significantly less crowded than 900 MHz (the old "standard").

Ellipse users enjoy the improved sound quality and lack of interference of this broader, "roomier" bandwidth, plus increased range, enhanced call security and a 12 hour battery life.


This remote unit easily clips onto a belt, pocket or other clothing.

See the Hookswitch Option

Ellipse 2.4
without Hookswitch option
List $279.00  Phonex $225.00   add to cart

Ellipse 2.4 H
includes Ellipse 2.4 and Hookswitch Control
List $379.00  Phonex $279.00   add to cart

Ellipse 2.4 S
Complete system includes Ellipse 2.4,
Hookswitch Control and Profile Surefit Headset
List $497.00  Phonex $369.00   add to cart

Spare Ellipse Battery
List $79.95  Phonex $59.00   add to cart

Profile 4 Profile Parts

Whether you prefer over-the-head or on-the-ear,
the Profile Surefit is the most comfortable headset.

  • Flexible earhook, earloop and headband styles
  • Omnidirectional, noise-canceling microphone
  • Ratcheting boom with flexible mic
  • Stay-Put click-stop headband
  • The lightest professional headset in the world
  • Two-year warranty

List $118.00  Phonex $89.00   add to cart

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