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Headset FAQ's

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The most frequently asked questions
about headsets

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Q.Multiline cordless any exist?

A. Due to size and weight limitations, no manufacturer has yet produced a viable "multiline headset." However, there are certain multi-line cordless phones that have a headset port, thereby allowing specific headsets to be attached.

When a headset is attached to a multi-line cordless handset, you then have access to more than one line while you roam around the home or office. In addition, modern cordless handsets are very small and can be attached to a belt or other clothing.

One limitation...very few types of cordless phones can be used with a phone system, such as a PBX in the office. If you plan to use a cordless phone in your office, contact your phone person to see if there are available analog ports.


Q. I'm interested in a cordless (wireless, mobile,etc.) headset. Which one is best for me?

A. You can see a side-by-side comparison here, but it largely depends on where and how you're going to use it.

The Plantronics model has a range of 150 square feet, which is usually more than enough for most people. If you need to roam more than 200 square feet, the GN Netcom Ellipse is very popular.

The GN 9020 is a new headset by GN Netcom that is completely wireless. The talk, mute and volume controls are built into the headset itself. If you usually stay within 50 feet from the phone when you talk, then this is a very good choice.

Connected to a Cordless Phone : As long as you can plug a headset into the cordless handset, Plantronics mobile headsets are a very nice option.

Click here for our line of headset-ready cordless telephones.


Q. I can't decide which headset I will do I choose?

A. A headset can be a very personal decision, much like a hair style or an item of jewelry. To decide what is best for you, think about what you like to wear.

If you can't stand wearing a hat, go for an "on-the-ear" style. If you wear eyeglasses, choose a very thin headset, like the "DuoSet".
If you like the classic "over-the-head" style, then that will work best for you.

For a comparison of wireless headsets, click here.


Q. How do I determine which headset base to purchase?

A. This is determined primarily by the telephone you are using.
Can you detach the handset cord? This means your telephone is "modular" and you can use a modular headset base.

Do you use a telephone console or switchboard?
Chances are, you would use a "two-prong" adapter.
You may want to check to see if your handset has two metal prongs where it plugs into the console.

If you use your computer to listen to music, play games, or make calls, the MX10 will allow you to easily switch between your computer and a telephone.

Some telephones need special adapters to accommodate a headset. Please contact us to determine which base is best for you.


Q. My phone has two (or more) lines. What headset should I use?

A. All of our headsets will work with telephones that have one or more lines. At it's most basic level, a headset merely replaces your telephone's handset.
With a headset, however, you won't get the usual neck pain involved with holding a handset between the neck and shoulder.


Q.What brand of headsets is best for me?

A. This is determined more by the style and options that you prefer. Is one brand better than the next? Depends on you and your surroundings.

If you prefer a certain style of headset, if you work in a noisy environment, how much your budget will allow....usually the choice is easy to make.

Will I recommend one brand over another?
I do all the time. But it still depends on what is best for you.
You can browse the different styles by clicking here.


Q. I work in a noisy area. Which headset should I choose?

A. Nine times out of ten, I will recommend ACS headsets for noisy areas. ACS has the best noise-canceling feature (95% of background noise is eliminated) than any other brand.
Plus, it's a standard feature of ACS. That means no extra charge.


Q.What is "On-Hook Dialing" and why is it important?

A. "On-Hook Dialing" means the headset can be used without removing the telephone handset from it's cradle.
With most phones, a modular headset plugged into the handset port will not provide "on-hook dialing".

This is due to the telephone's design, not the headset. Some phones contain a second modular port specifically for headsets to allow "on-hook dialing". Check the user's manual of your telephone for more information.

One simple solution is the cradlemate; a mechanical handset lift for your office telephone.


I will be adding more Q's and A's, but if you have any questions or comments, please contact me and I will get right to work for you.

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