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Plantronics Wireless PC Headset

Do you enjoy free PC to phone calls, but hate being
tied to the computer? Here is the solution!

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Free PC to Phone Calls

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CS10 wireless headset

This is the Plantronics CS10 wireless headset. It can be used with any telephone, and provides a range of 150 feet.

If you enjoy PC to phone calls, you can connect the CS10 base unit to your PC and roam around your home or office!

Polaris cord

PC cord

Only two items are needed to allow you to use your CS10 with your PC.

  1. The Polaris cord
  2. A PC adaptor cord

The modular plug of the Polaris cord connects to the bottom of the CS10 base.

The PC adaptor cord connects to the Polaris cord, and the two plugs (color-coded) of the PC adaptor cord connect to the sound card of your PC.

There are two color-coded ports on the back of your PC that accept these plugs.

Wireless CS10

The Wireless CS10 Headset and cords
connected to your PC.

The CS10 is $249,
Polaris and PC cords are $40
Total price $289 (over $110 off list price!)
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If you already have a Plantronics CS10 or CA10, then you can order the Polaris and PC cords here.

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