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Telephone Parts and Accessories

Everyone uses these parts : the handset cord, line cord, and telephone jacks of all shapes and sizes.

Problems with static can usually be traced to the simple handset or line cord. Replace it and save on repair costs!

Handset Cords
6' $1.75 add to cart
9' $2.00 add to cart
12' $2.25 add to cart
15' $2.50 add to cart
25' $2.75 add to cart

Handset cords are available in ivory, black, ash, and misty cream.

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Line Cords
  4cc 6cc 8cc
7' $1.50
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15' $2.00
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25' $2.50
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Jacks, cables and accessories are also available.


In-Line Coupler
(attach 2 cords together)

$1.95  add to cart

Handset Cord Detangler

$4.95  add to cart


Handset Cord Clear "Twisstop"

$4.25  add to cart


4cc "T" adapter
(2 cords from one jack)

$2.40  add to cart


4cc Line 1/Line 2 adapter

$2.95  add to cart

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