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Multiline Cordless Headset Telephones

These cordless phones offer two lines, a headset port as well as many other features. Each headset-compatible telephone includes a one year warranty.

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exs9966 wireless

EXS 9966 Wireless
Uniden 2 Line w/Caller ID.

Uniden Two-line 900 MHz Spread Spectrum with Caller ID/Call Waiting Caller ID, 40# memory dialing, speakerphone, dual keypad, backlit LCD, illuminated keypad, headset jack, page/intercom.

$129.00  add to cart

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VT2931 Wireless

VT 2931 Wireless
Vtech 2 Line w/Caller ID

Two-line digital 900MHz cordless with Caller ID/Call Waiting Caller ID, dual keypad, speakerphone, Caller ID on both the base and the handset, headset jack, illuminated keypad, 30 channels.

$129.00  add to cart

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Panasonic Wireless 1881

Panasonic KX-TC1881
Gigarange Spread Spectrum technology allows clearer reception.

Two-line 900MHz with Caller ID/Call Waiting Caller ID, digital duplex speakerphone, 50# Caller ID memory/dialer, message waiting indicator, dual keypads, 50# phone directory/dialer, 24 channels, handset locator, illuminated handset keypad, headset jack, belt clip.

$149.00  add to cart

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