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Multiple Line Telephones

A variety of phones to fit your needs.

These are just a few of the most popular multi-line telephones that we offer.

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952 Two-Line Telephone

922 Two-Line Speakerphone
Includes 32# speed dial, speaker and receiver volume control, line status indicators, separate ring tones, hold, flash, conferencing and redial.

$65.00 w/one year warranty.
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One Year Warranty

2 line Caller ID speakerphone

2 Line Caller ID Speakerphone
50# log with Caller ID/Call waiting Caller ID, 50# memory dialing, large 4 line display, headset jack, data port, hold and redial.

$89.00 w/one-year warranty.
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955 Four-Line telephone

Four-Line Speakerphone
Includes LCD display with Caller ID,36# speed dial, hold, flash, mute, redial, conferencing.

$159.00 w/one-year warranty
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