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Unless you have a desk as big as a door,
you probably don't have alot of room on your desk.
The Headset Amplifier and Accessory Deck
saves space by combining an amplifier that fits
underneath the phone, and a headset stand
to support your headset while you're not using it.

S20 amplifier,accessory deck and headset
Sets up in minutes!
Click here to see the headset.
Click here to see the complete package:
your telephone, the S20 and the headset.

List price $229.95   Phonex price $169.00
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Other features include:

  • Convertible headset : on-the-ear or over-the-head, noise-canceling microphone
  • Top of the line amplifier
    Very easy to use
  • Cord management
    Keeps the cords out of your way
  • On-line Indicator
    "Easy to see" red light so that co-workers can see that you're on the phone
  • Volume, tone and mute controls
  • Unique SoundGuard Plus and Call Clarity technology
    Improved sound quality while delivering automatic sound protection

If you already own a newer Plantronics headset top,(H41,for example)
then the A20 model is a perfect fit.


The A20 model includes the same amplifier and accessory deck as the S20, and saves money by allowing you to use your Plantronics headset.

List price $149.95  Phonex price $109.00
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Another option is the HL2 Handset Lifter. Push a button and the HL2 will lift the handset and hold it in place for you. Press the button again, and the lifter lowers the handset back into place.
List Price $79.95  Phonex price $59.00
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