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Issue Number Six
September 2000
Phonex Communications, Inc.


  1. How was your Summer?
  2. Your very own home page
  3. Switching cellular plans
  4. Wireless headsets at home
  5. Question of the day
  6. Joke of the day

How was your summer?

Many of you may have thought that our newsletter had somehow disappeared over the summer. In the course of satisfying customers, juggling career and family life, inspiration seemed to be hard to find. Or at least long enough to present a quality newsletter.

Since we've been online (August 1999), orders and questions from all over the world have kept me busy. The website is one of my duties as well, and almost daily updates, adds and changes can make just about anyones mind go blank when it comes to creating something new.

At any rate, I have included some tips and other interesting info that hopefully will be helpful to all. Enjoy :)

Your very own home page

Most people bookmark so many sites that, after a few months, the list can become quite unwieldy. Here is a way to create a custom browser home page containing only the links you visit regularly.

In Microsoft Word, select 'Tools' and choose 'AutoCorrect'. Select the 'Format As You Type' tab and make sure the 'Internet and Network paths with hyperlinks' check box is checked.

Create a new document in Word, and type in a description and URL address for each of the sites you want listed on your custom home page. Save the document in "Web Page (*.htm, *.html)" format.

Now open your browser. If it's Internet Explorer, click on 'File', 'Open', 'Browse', and select the page you just saved.

If you use Netscape, click on 'File', 'Open Page', 'Choose File'.

When the page is displayed in your browser, make it your default home page. To do this in Internet Explorer, click on 'Tools', 'Internet Options', and click on the 'Use Current' button.

In Netscape, click on 'Edit', 'Preferences', 'Use Current Page'.

From now on, whenever you start your browser your very own custom home page will appear.

Switching cellular plans

Ever think about switching cellular plans, but weren't sure if the timing was right? Prices and phones seem to change constantly, and it's wise to review your plan every three to six months. New features, lower costs, and the latest phones may turn your head if you're thinking about making a change.

Customer service is usually the kicker; one bad experience may leave you thinking about finding a company that cares.

(I recently had a good experience with my cell plan provider. I had called about some unknown charges, and other charges that were downright unreasonable. We talked it over and they gladly reduced the bill. I wasn't just happy that they saved me a few bucks, it was the good attitude that left me feeling that this company really cares.)

If you plan to make a change, read your cellular service agreement carefully. Pay close attention to any termination fees for switching plans or providers. In some cases, you may be able to upgrade (or downgrade) your plan without penalty.

If you want to see the best plans for your area and your calling habits, the best site is Select 'Plans', and choose your options, and it will show you a list of providers, pricing and more info.

If you're tired of holding the handset, try one of our cell phone headsets. There is a variety of choices at very reasonable prices. See more at

Wireless headsets at home

After being on the phone most of the day, I used to loathe holding a handset at home. Then I tried the Plantronics CT10 wireless headset, and now I won't get on the phone without it.

The CT10 is a 900 Mhz cordless telephone that includes a very small remote, and a comfortable, noise-canceling headset. With it's wide range, I can walk around the house or out to the mailbox without static or interference.

The remote has a keypad, volume and mute controls, flash, redial and 10-number speed dial. It easily clips onto clothing or a belt so that you can keep your hands free to do other things.

See more about the CT10 at

Question of the day

Yes, this is a shameless request for feedback. I have been curious if anyone in our forum would rather read the newsletters on our website instead of through emails. To be compliant with all of the email providers, emails generally have to be text only; no pictures or background images.

If there is a desire to see newsletters in full color, I could send a "reminder" email once a month when the newsletter is ready.

Joke of the day

Mommy has told her little girl all about the making of little babies. Little Annie is now silent for a while.

"Do you understand it now?", Mommy asks.

"Yes", replies her daughter.

"Do you have any other questions?"

"Yes, how about little kittens? How does that work?"

"In exactly the same way as with babies."

"Wow!", the girl exclaims, "My daddy can do ANYTHING!"

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