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Issue Number Three
March 2000
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  1. You can leave your hat on
  2. Internet Taxation; hit or miss?
  3. New headset info
  4. Question of the day
  5. Joke of the day

Editor's Note :

I have to apologize for the delay in sending your free newsletter. Several new and useful headsets have become available, and it was all I could do to keep up with adding the info to our website.

I promise to keep your newsletters light and informative (unlike my earlier attempts, which were heavy and informative.)

Please read and enjoy. Feel free to forward it on to your colleagues. And, I'm always interested in your input. Please call or email me with ideas and stuff you would like to see in your newsletters.

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Not really telecom-related...I just thought it was interesting...

It seems that a hat company here in the Show-Me State of Missouri was about to go under, when they hired a sharp-shooter from Texas. Well, as life tends to make things interesting, the Man Wearing The Big Hat turned out to be a convicted felon out on bond.

The first thing Big Hat did after becoming President was to land himself as trustee of the employee's trust fund. The money's gone and about 100 Missourians are looking to tie a $1.8 million dollar noose.

Of course, my heart goes out to the folks that got swindled. And nothing against Texas; the three months I was in San Antonio (Fort Sam Houston) was educational, to say the least.

Internet Taxation

The media has been playing to this story big time, so I won't bore you here. Let's just say the fight is going to be a long one.

Consumers and businesses say that we already have the freight cost to think about. State governments say that they're missing out on all of the sales tax.

Even though it bores me to death, I have been paying a little attention, just to see where this thing goes. All of the state governors met recently in Washington for a free meal, so at least someone is enjoying this hayride.

New headset info

One of the most common questions I've been asked recently is how to find room for a headset on a crowded desk.

Plantronics has been advertising a new product for about six months now, but I wanted to make sure it was avaialable to us before I mentioned it or put the info on our website.

The Plantronics S20 Amplifier and Accessory Deck is a big help for folks that want to keep the headset and base out of the way. The deck goes underneath the phone, with the volume, mute and talk controls peeking out in front of the phone.

The thing I really like is the headset stand. This supports the headset while you're not wearing it, so that it stays out of harms way. Another big bonus is the "indicator light". This attaches to the headset stand so that visitors can see that you are using the headset and talking on the phone.

You can see more info and pictures here: Plantronics S20.

Question of the day

Another common question is how to use a wireless headset with a multi-line phone.

Having the choice between mobility and being "tied" to the desk is an easy decision. But how can it be done?

Usually it's very simple, but can take a little while to get used to it.

Most phones allow for a "main" line to ring through. Using a wireless headset and the automatic handset lifter, you are free to move about the office; talk, answer and hang-up the call.

The tricky thing is that no headset connected to a corded telephone will allow you to remotely operate some of the other functions of the phone; such as transfer, redial, or answering the second or third line.

Most folks don't seem to mind. Anything is better than being limited in the distance you can go away from your desk. We have lots of info on our website at the wireless headsets page.

Joke of the day

"Can you explain to me how this lipstick got on your collar?", the suspicious wife sneered.

"No, I can't." the husband replied.
"I distinctly remember taking my shirt off."

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