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July, 2001


  1. Editors note
  2. The banishment of hand-held cell phones
  3. New wireless phone systems
  4. Lucent/Avaya wireless headset
  5. Helpful site of the month
  6. Joke of the day

Editors Note

There have been so many new things going on this month, that it's been a little difficult to keep up. I do my best to provide timely newsletters, but sometimes so much is going on that I have to keep editing the content before sending them out. Sometimes I wonder if vitamins would do the trick...

I appreciate your patience, and hope that all is going well with everyone. Or at least manageable. It's very easy to take a moment to take a deep breath, smile and hug your spouse and kids every day.

Your brain (and family) will appreciate it.

The banishment of hand-held cell phones

Wireless and hands-free seems to still be the topic as of late, with New York state banning hand-held mobile phones while driving, and 18 other states revisiting their own proposed bans.

Safety is the key, plus cell phone headsets are becoming more and more popular.

If you would like to see which headset is best for you, we have a wide selection available. The headsets have great sound quality but are very affordable.

New wireless phone systems

When it comes to quality and feature-rich telephones, Siemens and Panasonic are simply hard to beat. As more and more small businesses and home offices have pushed for wireless mobility, both companies have produced exceptional systems.

We offer several of the Siemens line of systems, including a space-saving two-line system with the capability for eight cordless handsets.

The Panasonic systems are a bit more interesting, as they offer a two-line as well as a four-line system. In addition, the Panasonic cordless handset chargers don't require their own phone jacks, so it saves on wiring costs as well as eliminating the need for dangling cords to the wall. One cord from the base unit serves all of the handsets (up to 8 total!)

Check out these systems and others.

Lucent / Avaya wireless headsets

AT&T/Lucent/Avaya has branded Plantronics headsets for years, and the latest development is a great advancement for "cutting the cord" in office communications. Whether you need to check a file, or simply move about your area to regain circulation in your legs, a wireless headset is a real plus.

The Avaya LKA10 is the latest 900 Mhz wireless headset system, and it connects to the headset port on Definity 6400 and 7400 series phones, as well as the Merlin Magix.

Including a convertible headset (on-the-ear or over-the-head), you can now enjoy a 150 foot distance away from your phone. A remote pocket-sized keypad allows you to make and receive calls while away from the desk.

You can see the whole scoop here.

Helpful Site of the Week

Wow the kids at their next party with fun and low-cost items. Names imprinted for free!

Joke of the day

"A fathers psychology"

A high school girl runs up to her father. She says, "Daddy, Daddy, I need fifty dollars." He says, "Forty dollars? What do you need thirty dollars for?"

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