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Issue Number Two
February, 2000
Phonex Communications, Inc.


  1. Thank you L.J.!
  2. Updated webpages
  3. New Stuff
  4. Need a job/Have an opening?
  5. Joke of the day

Thank you L.J.!

One of the craziest things about running a website is that you can't sit still for a second. Usually I'll make some changes and let it be for awhile to see how it works out (kind of like chemistry!)

Alert surfer L.J. notified me that some errors were popping up on certain pages. After I picked my jaw off the desk, I got to work to see what was happening.

It seemed that some of the coding was slightly off, and was causing "javascript error boxes" to pop up. No real danger, but the last thing we all need is to have to stop, click "ok" on the error box, then get back to what we were doing.

Updated Web Pages

Everything has been cleared up, and along the way I made some other changes to make it easier for everyone :

--Improved can jump to many of your favorite webpages on the site from our home page.
--I removed some of the unnecessary things, so that pages will load faster.
--Added new items, such as some of the newer "novelty" telephones that people have been asking about (the Michael Jordan telephone is hot right now).
--The cordless headset pages have been updated, and are easier to follow.
--Cell phone headsets are really hot! Added info on compatibility issues.

Please let me know if there is something we need (or don't need) on the site. This is all about bringing better and more convenient service to you.

New Stuff

Plantronics is coming out with some exciting new items. One of the more popular items is going to be the Headset Amplifier and Accessory Deck.

The Accessory Deck fits underneath the telephone, and performs like a headset amplifier, including a headset/handset button, volume controls and a mute button.

The special thing is that the cords are kept out of the way, and it saves space on your desk (no extra box next to the phone). In addition, it will include an on-line indicator and headset stand.

I have brochures and other info available here as well, and will mail them to you at your request.

Please email me at

, or call toll-free 1/800-727-1676.

Need a job?
Have an opening?

Another idea passed along to me by an appreciated client....

Sometimes there are openings with telecom departments, and we're not sure where we can list them. What better place than among our colleagues with other companies?

Don't get me wrong..I'm not trying to copy sites like and the like. But this issue has been raised over the years, and it seems like a worthy cause.

Moreover, some of us have found themselves looking for a job in the same field, and weren't sure where to turn. What if we had an additional source of listing job openings and jobs wanted?

Email or call me and I will send email "alerts", helping you get the job you want. The same goes if you have an opening. This way you have access to experienced telecom professionals.

Absolutely free of charge.

or call toll-free at 1/800-727-1676.

Joke of the day

About 2 a.m., a man is awakened from a deep slumber by someone pounding on his front door. He finally got up and put on his robe to see what was going on. He opened the door, finding a seriously drunk man. "Could you give me a push?", the drunk asked.
"No! Get off my property!", the man replied, and angrily stomped back to his bed.

His wife was awake by now, and asked what happened. "Some drunk is down there asking me to give him a push", he said, gritting his teeth. "Well, honey", his wife said, "remember that time when the car stalled in traffic, and that nice man gave us a push? Maybe you should do that too."
"Grr, alright, I'll go!", the man said. He got dressed and went outside to see if he could help. Except now, he couldn't find the man.

"Could you give me a push?", he heard from the darkness.
He couldn't see a car on the street, so he yelled back," Where are you?"
"Over here", the drunk replies, "I'm on your swingset."

Thank you for reading The Phonex Times.
Please feel free to forward it to your friends and colleagues.

Your input is very important to me. If you have any articles or information that you would like to share, please contact me.

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