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Issue Number One
December, 1999
Phonex Communications, Inc.


  1. Happy Holidays to all!
  2. Cell Phone Headsets
  3. Shipping Policy
  4. New Stuff on our website
  5. Latest weird news in telecommunications

I'm a little early with this months newsletter, but I didn't want to miss the folks that may be on vacation next week. Can you believe it's Christmas time already! I want to thank all for you for all of your support this past year.

I always try to help make your job (and life) as easy as I can, and I welcome your thoughts on how I can make it even better for you. Whether it's this newsletter, the website, items we carry, etc., please feel free to contact me at any time.

Cell Phone Headsets

Headsets for cellular phones--so you can keep both hands on the wheel and drive more safely.

All of us at one point or another have found themselves behind a car that was weaving in their lane because the driver was holding the handset to their ear. Some cities are considering laws to prevent people from driving while on the phone!

Hard to say what will come of that. If nothing else it makes people think of their own safety.

The really nice thing is that the cell phone headsets we offer are very good quality headsets, nothing like the cheap ones you may see at department stores. And they're so reasonable! At these prices, everyone can find one that fits their needs.

Our cell phone headsets include a noise-cancelling feature, and many styles to choose from. Depending on the model, you can choose options such as volume control, mute button or both!

See our Cell Phone Headsets page for more details or give us a call at 1/800-727-1676 and we'll be more than happy to help you choose the right one for you.

Shipping policy

One of the top three questions asked on our website is "What is the cost for shipping?"

The reason for the fear is that there have been some reports of certain web sites that charge an exorbitant amount for shipping, have unreasonable return (or restocking) fees or gig the credit cards of unwary online shoppers. How widespread is hard to say. Of course, the media is finely attuned to the web and tend to report bad news faster and more often than good news.

Our policy is this : We only charge what UPS charges us. If it costs us $3.42 to ship your order, then that's what you'll see on your invoice.

Online Orders :
One thing I struggled with when designing our website was what to do with the shipping charge when someone orders online. There is no good way of accurately reflecting the actual shipping cost when using an online service. In all the cases I've seen, websites charge a flat amount, plus an extra charge (even for single items), or charge a very high flat rate to try to cover all possibilities.

Our online shipping policy is very simple. For the first item, $5.00. Additional items are $1.00 each. However, we always check our charts when invoicing. If the rate is less than that, we will substitute the lesser of the two charges. If it is slightly more, we will absorb the cost.

If it is a lot more, than I will call and we can talk it over. :O) This policy covers regular ground shipping as it is impossible to have a general flat rate for air shipments. However, we still only charge what UPS charges us.

A link to our shipping policy is at or you can go directly to that section at the following address : Shipping Policy

New Stuff

The demand for wireless headsets has been high for a long time, and technology is starting to catch up.

Plantronics has introduced a 900MHz wireless amplifier and an optional Handset Lifter that is a solution to many of the requests for wireless technology. The one thing I really like about this new item is that it works with virtually all business telephones and you may use your current H-series Plantronics headset with the wireless amplifier. See more at or go directly to the page at Wireless Headsets

GN Netcom offers a higher range wireless amplifier (2.4 GHz) for folks that tend to venture very far away from their desks. You can use your current GN Netcom headset top as well, or purchase one separately. The handset lifter is optional, attaching to the side of most business phones. See this one at the 2.4GHz Wireless Headset page.

Latest Weird News in Telecommunications

In Billings, Montana, a man was stopped by local police after nervous calls from a nearby coffee shop.

It seems that the locals were concerned about the man, after watching him yell into a TV Remote Control for nearly 15 minutes.

"I meant to take my cell phone when I left this morning. They're about the same size," the man stated. After confirming he wasn't in danger to himself or others, the police released him.

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