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Issue Number Four
April 2000
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  1. "The Hotline" paper newsletter
  2. Headsets for Cell Phones
  3. Brother, can you spare $1300?
  4. Stupid criminal tricks

"The Hotline" paper newsletter

It has been a long time since our last "paper" newsletter. With a complete redesign, we recently started mailing "The Hotline", so you should receive your copy soon.

It is filled with info on headsets, telephones and company news; virtually everyone will be able to find at least a little info that's useful. Lots of pictures and (we hope) an interesting layout.

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Headsets for Cell Phones

Headsets are seen more often these days, especially among cell-phone-wielding business people and soccer moms and dads.

Sales have been driven in part by personal preference, but eventually the law could figure into it. People concerned about dangerous driving by distracted cell-phone users are raising the prospect of regulating cell phone usage.

"At least three cities--one in Ohio and two in Pennsylvania--restrict use by drivers and allow only hands-free use of cell phones in cars.Dozens more have broached the idea, and at least 23 states have some sort of legislation under consideration," says Matt Sundeen, a transportation specialist with the National Conference of State Legislators in Denver.

The state proposals range from outright bans to mandates for studying possible connections between accidents and cell-phone use.

Headsets are always a great idea, preventing neck pain and simple convenience. The best advantage headsets have over other hands-free devices is cost. And the sound quality for headsets is superior to wiring speakers and a separate microphone inside the car.

Cell phone headsets range as low as $20 to $39 and are very comfortable, include noise-canceling microphones, and very easy to wear. You can see the entire line of cell phone headsets and more info at Cell Phone Headsets

Brother, can you spare $1300?

Now you can be a couch potato even when you're surfing the web. This August, La-Z-Boy will have an "e-cliner" chair available, complete with a WebTV infrared keyboard wired into the armrest.

Available in two models from La-Z-Boy; upholstered and a leather version for $1299.

When I shared this news with my wife, she immediately phoned La-Z-Boy to see if it came with an eject button (it doesn't).

Oh, well. I can only dream.

Stupid criminal tricks

The dumb criminal act of the day goes to a gentleman from Lima, Ohio. It seems his theft of choice was going to be a local McDonald's, two blocks from his home.

He arrived early and told the cashier that he had a gun, and wanted all of the money. The cashier replied that she couldn't open the register without a food order. So the robber ordered a Big Mac. Unfortunately for him, it was before 10:30 a.m., and Big Mac's aren't available then.

The thief, thoroughly frustrated, stormed out of the building. Police arrested him a short time later, as he was waiting in the drive-thru lane.

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