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Lucent 8110 User's Manual

An online guide to the tips and tricks of one
of the most common Lucent phones; the 8110.

Description : A multi-function single-line speakerphone with message waiting light.
Compatible with Lucent Definity systems, System 75 and 85, System 25 and Merlin.


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Quick Reference Guide

Using the Built-In Speakerphone

  1. To place or answer a call, press [Spkr]
  2. To mute the speakerphone, press [Mute]
  3. To change from speakerphone to handset,
    pick up handset while on speakerphone
  4. To change from handset to speakerphone,
    press [Spkr] and hang up handset
  5. To end call, press [Spkr]

Using the Auto-Answer Feature

Note: Your System Administrator can tell you if you have this feature.

  1. Press [Auto]
    • Button is released to the "up" position
    • When call comes in, speakerphone is activated
    • Speak to caller
    • When caller ends call, telephone hangs up
      You can press [Spkr] to end call

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Storing Numbers in Memory

  1. While the telephone is on-hook, press the PROGRAM button
  2. Press programmable dialing button
  3. Dial telephone number
  4. Press the PROGRAM button

Dialing Numbers in Memory

  1. Pick up handset
    Press [Spkr]
  2. Press programmable dialing button

Erasing a Number in Memory

  1. Press the PROGRAM button
  2. Press programmable button twice
  3. Press the PROGRAM button
    Pick up handset

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Holding and Returning to a Call

  1. Press [Hold]
    • The call is now on hold
  2. When you want to return the held call, press [Hold] again
    If you have hung up, pick up handset

Redialing a Number

  1. Pick up handset, or press [Spkr]
  2. Press [Redial]

Programming an Automatic Pause for Redialed Numbers

  1. While the telephone is on-hook, press the PROGRAM button
  2. Press [Redial]
  3. Press the appropriate access code and number of pauses
    in order to get a second dial tone
  4. Press the PROGRAM button again

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